Thursday, December 6, 2007

College Democrats Speak Out Against Apathy

The Mizzou College Democrats hosted a display called "The True Cost of War." It featured about 1900 fake tombstones, each with the name of an American soldier killed in Iraq and the name of a dead Iraqi civilian. The display was erected on the Carnahan Quad Tuesday morning and taken down that evening.

"We had a lot of great responses," President Mark Buhrmester said. "People are really appreciative that we are presenting them with such a visual display of what the War is costing America."

The display was covered in the Columbia Tribune where College Democrats emphasized that the target of this display is apathy.

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Emily Brooker Intellectual Diversity Act

And voila.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Emily Brooker Intellectual Diversity Bill to Reappear?

The Free Exchange on Campus Coalition is rallying the troops to oppose round two of the Emily Brooker Intellectual Diversity Bill, which they expect will be resubmitted in the next legislative session. The Current reported on a field organizer of the Coalition that came to UMSL to discuss the bill.

The Brooker bill caused a firestorm of controversy last year as it worked its way through the House. Its sponsor, Jane Cunningham, who is now running for State Senate is expected to gain some media coverage from the bill again, but it remains to be seen if it will be the banner issue it was last year.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Kelley-Johnson Win MSA Election

While the election might have taken place in early November, the victors of the Missouri Students Association were only declared late last week. The Maneater reports that Kelley-Johnson beat out the Barker-Ekhoff ticket by 16 percent.

The College Democrats favored Kelley-Johnson, although they did not make an endorsement. Rather, President Mark Buhrmester sent a message that said that Democrats should keep in mind that Jim Kelley was an active member of the College Democrats.

The College Republicans on the other hand quite forcefully endorsed Barker-Ekhoff with the following message from their Vice President Marcus Bowen:

Current MSA President, Rachel Anderson, is an avid
Hillary Clinton supporter and the leader of a Hillary Clinton campaign
group at Mizzou. Liberal Rachel Anderson has chosen her successors, she
supports the Kelley/Johnson ticket. Many of the College Democrats have been vocal supporters of Jim Kelley and Chelsea Johnson.


Vote Now for Barker/Ekhoff!!!

know that Dustin Barker and Jessica Ekhoff are reliable and trustworthy
conservatives. I know that they believe in our conservative principles
and will use these principles to govern our school. I would ask all
College Republicans to stand with me in support of the Barker/Ekhoff
ticket. Vote now at

Your vote really counts, it just takes a moment to make a difference. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

The next day Bowen apologized for the strongly-worded message and simply encouraged everyone to vote.

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