Tuesday, November 13, 2007

YDMO Fundraiser on Thursday

The Young Democrats of Missouri have a fundraiser lined up in Columbia on Thursday evening. The event is hosted by such community and political leaders as Rep. Judy Baker, former state representative candidates Jim Ritter and Sid Sullivan, former (and future?) Congressional candidate Duane Burghard, MU professor Herb Tillema and Missouri Democratic Committeeman Stephen Wyse. Not a bad line-up.

Tickets to the event are $10 for students, $30 for adults and $50 for couples. They are receiving matching funds from the Young Democrats of America for the purpose of hiring an executive director.

To have a professional in charge of YDMO would be a huge boon to their organization as well as the state Democratic Party. Last year, young people heavily favored the Democrats on the national level, but in Missouri young people only barely favored McCaskill over Talent. An Executive Director would help them out in pulling young people to the Democratic column.

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