Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Dems-GOP Robb Saga Continues

Who wants to see some more letters regarding Ed Robb's comments regarding several institutions of higher education?

Well, ready or not, here they are!

First, here we have Jeremy Hagen, Vice Chair of the Missouri College Republicans, responding to Nate Kennedy's original letter. Hagen argues that Republicans are in touch with everyday Missourians: "Republicans such as Blunt and Robb did all of this without a tax increase."

Next, we have Trevor Turner, Chair of the College Democrats of America Disabilities Caucus (and a member of the Mizzou Chapter), responding the Nick Haynes, who responded to Kennedy. Turner winds his letter up like this: "If I were a public university in Missouri, I would be wary of Robb on a budget committee bulldozer."

I suppose now we just have to wait and see if there's another round of letters coming.

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