Saturday, October 13, 2007

Exclusive Interview with Jeff Harris

Rep. Jeff Harris with CDMO President Nate Kennedy, then-candidate for State
Representative Lucas Kunce, and Jay Nixon's son Jeremiah at the opening of Project Victory 06.

By virtue of being from Columbia, Rep. Jeff Harris, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, is in a special position to reach out to young people. It seems like he has taken advantage of that opportunity, with a number of students serving as staff or interns on his campaign. I asked him a few short questions regarding the relationship between young people and his campaign. This is what he had to say:

YMP: How does being from a college town affect your ability to reach out to young people?
JH: You’re reminded every day of the importance of higher education, academic freedom, and the vitality that comes with the college experience. You’re also reminded every day that today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders.

YMP: My post about you speaking to the Mizzou College Democrats was circulated more than any of my other entries. What did you think of that experience?
JH: It was a great experience with tons of energy, enthusiasm, and drive. To have over 125 students excited about our party speaks volumes about the strength of Democrats among college students. This generation of college students is clearly a generation that wants to make a difference and that cares about making the world a better place.

YMP: What about you appeals to young people?
JH: I am energetic and I try to be accessible. I listen to what college students say. I really value their input. They matter. I have also been a champion for higher education and increasing young people’s to participation in the political process.

YMP: How does your campaign view young people in terms of a voting bloc?
JH: Young people are very important. This generation is making its voice heard and that's wonderful. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

YMP: Have the College/Young Democrats done much in the way of aiding your
campaign? Either as an organization or individuals within the organization?
JH: We have tremendous support from Young Democrats and College Democrats. Young people and college students have been extremely involved in every one of my campaigns from the very beginning.

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