Friday, September 21, 2007

Soon-To-Be Octogenarian Running for House

Mary Kasten

The headline for this post is not exactly Earth-shattering. It's no secret that there are a lot of old fogies in the realm of Missouri politics. Take, for example, George D. "Boots" Weber. He's a former State Representative (mid-1960's) who has attempted several times to unseat Rep. Todd Akin and is now running for President. I hope that I have that much energy when I'm 82 years old.

There's another former State Representative running for office, but this time it's not President. Her name is Mary Kasten and she's running for State Representative in the 158th District. She is 79 years old.

Sen. John McCain is 71 and has received a lot of criticism about his inability to relate to the 95% of America that are his junior. How anemic would his poll numbers be if he was 79?

Some people wonder why young people aren't more involved in politics. This might be one reason: alienation.

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Anonymous said...

To go to the other end of the age spectrum (at least on the Republican side), please visit Shamed Dogan is running in the 88th MO House District, which is in the St. Louis area. He is no older than 30, and is an active Republican leader. He has a Facebook group (Students for Dogan) and has an event coming up Sept. 29.