Saturday, August 4, 2007

Equitas Redux

Equitas was a monthly conservative newspaper on the Mizzou campus from approximately early 2002 until 2005 sometime. The paper was well-made, and it provided an important outreach tool of the College Republicans.

Now, the former President of the Mizzou College Republicans and current state coordinator of a school voucher group, Brian Johnson, is attempting to bring it back. He has created the Equitas Alumni Resource Council to help recreate the paper. The purpose of the Council is to:
  • provide financial assistance or otherwise help fundraise
  • share lessons learned from our time with the publication
  • serve as a professional network for talented and ambitious conservative students
  • offer direction as the publication seeks to develop relationships with key national organizations and prominent political, business & media figures
An interesting aside.

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Brian T. Johnson said...

There is a buzz about the resurgence of Equitas. I would add to this post, that the publication has always been independent of the CRs. They complement each other nicely, however. If you want to get involved with Equitas, email me at