Monday, August 20, 2007

Puig and Hagen Exchange Letters

Young Democrats of Missouri President Rick Puig and Executive Director of the College Republicans of Missouri had an exchange published in the Springfield News-Leader.

Some excerpts....

Hagen's Letter:
Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi, with the support of Sen. McCaskill, removed the provision banning the logrolling of earmarks and significantly weakened the provision prohibiting the giving of earmarks to family, staff, campaign supporters and lobbyists. Why?
Puig's Response:
The portion of Hagen's letter I strongly disagree with was his insinuation that Sen. McCaskill was involved in an effort to remove the heft behind the milestone earmark provisions included in the final bill. Not only was this claim completely inaccurate, but he fails to recognize the fact that McCaskill is one of a handful of senators, both Republican and Democrat, to have the courage not to request a single dollar in earmarks this year.


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